Sick Relations

Alcohol Related Liver Disease(ARLD) is a disease that is caused by alcohol abuse, leading to the damaging of the liver. It can reach a stage where the liver is permanently damaged, to a point where liver failure is a possibility.

In sickness and in health

she stayed with you

only to bring a pitfall of your own demise

Glass by glass

Like a mixture of sour and sweet

She brought you temporary happiness

As you lay there

In the hospital bed

Wallowing as she takes your liberty

For she is like lemon in the eyes

Painful as your once clear vision is taken

A pain that is clear on your lower abdomen

And yet, you still ignore the signs

At the first stage

She has left you but a fatty liver

not too late to reverse

But that selfishness you hold keeps her close

Rusted and corroded

The second stage appears

The signs are clear now

It is still within your grasp to turn back

Except you won’t let go of your selfish longing 

You’ve followed your selfish thoughts of woe 

And she existed

Like a lemon, your skin is tinted yellow 


She has left you with many scars

As your liver takes a toll on your mistakes

You are but a dead man

As the last stage is too late to reverse

And you won’t stop wanting her

Diana Manzanes, Youth Medical Journal 2020


“Alcohol-Related Liver Disease.” NHS Choices, NHS,


By Diana Manzanes

Diana Manzanes is a student in The Delta High School in Pasco, Washington. Her current interest is in the field of aerospace engineering.

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