Dementia is a condition in which there are multiple stages of progressive effects, most notably pertaining to memory loss.

All eyes were leering at her vile fate,

But not a trace of life was left in her eyes.

The son, as vulnerable as when he was a child,

Held her hand for moments and moments more.

“Mother? Do you remember me?”

The old woman like a lifeless doll

Was still for a long moment until a breath of life came before her


Cold it may seem, but refutable to the occurrence.

The question only to bring curiosity into her for a moment, 

But soon to be feigned as nothing by the woman.


Sadness filled the air,

But it was yet only a moment of corroded doom for the son’s fate

He could not come to terms with.

It was one of many.

Moments to be forgotten.

Diana Manzanes, Youth Medical Journal 2021


By Diana Manzanes

Diana Manzanes is a student in The Delta High School in Pasco, Washington. Her current interest is in the field of aerospace engineering.

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