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The Effects of Different Exercises on Women with Metabolic Syndrome

The metabolic syndrome is estimated to be present in 47 million Americans. This article discusses the effects of various exercise forms on metabolism and levels of irisin in the female body.

By Ilma Khan

Published 4:13 PM EST, Sun April 11, 2021


Obesity is known as a weight that is higher than what is considered healthy for a given height. About 13% of the world’s population is obese meaning almost 975 million people in this world today are considered obese and overweight. Metabolic syndrome can also be known as a cluster of different conditions that occur together, these conditions risk you for heart stroke, heart disease and even diabetes. Conditions included in metabolic syndrome are increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol. Irisin is a hormone that produces health benefits from exercise and a good diet, it is a hormone that regulates weight. The aiming and motivation for this study were to investigate the effects of different exercises on the levels of irisin and metabolism/body size-related symptoms. The types of exercises used to study the effects included aerobic, resistance, and combined exercises. The methods employed in this randomized clinical trial incorporated the use of 60 women considered overweight living with metabolic syndrome. Each woman was assigned into one exercise group out of the four, including the control group. For more accurate results, the participants were measured before and after the intercession period. The results produced displayed a significant increase in muscle mass in the resistance and combined exercise groups, a notable decrease in the body fat percentage of each participant was discovered in all exercise groups additionally none of the groups showed an important difference in the serum irisin.

General Analysis

This is a good paper to read because it focuses on a very common problem in our society today. With all these new cultures forming, these new curiosities forming people discover food. Eating an unhealthy amount of food with no sufficient exercise ultimately leads to the build-up of fat, increasing the number we see on the scale. Your height correlates with your weight, for your weight to be considered normal your height needs to play a part in it. Discoveries, new flavours, new tastes, new cravings all-cause temptations that we as humans  have a hard time resisting, after all, it is human nature to try new things and have desires as well as temptations. The significance of this paper today associates with the fact that so many people are trying to lose weight, many of these people may even be located in our club and this study allows us to know which exercises are more efficient than others, which exercises will produce results, this study provides proof to back up the conclusion. This trial will help everyone around the world starting from readers like us to our friends and family. Obesity has taken over 10 percent of our worldwide population today, it affects their lifestyles every single day, from their health to their judgment from others. With the help of these researchers, we can lead these people to a more healthy lifestyle. 

Evaluation of Methods Used

The methods used in this paper are effective, they allow for a clear representation of the exercises involved such as running on the treadmill, the number of participants involved such as 15 participants in each exercise group and a detailed conclusion of the trial’s results such as a notable decrease in the percent of body fat. The system of techniques involved in conducting this trial was displayed as efficient since all of them contributed  to the creation a fully developed answer to the motivation of the study. The motivation of this study included the investigation of the effects of different exercises on the levels of irisin and metabolism/body size-related symptoms which fully answered the question and gave a complete solution to the problem of this study. The observations included in this study allowed for a detailed understanding. The conclusion allowed the audience to understand that the 8-week exercise program did not modify the irisin hormone and displayed that this hormone was closely correlated with the body fat percentage independent of physical exercise.


Concerns can arise from any study in any trial, it all comes down to the person who is willing to volunteer and participate in the specific trial. The benefits can only be truly identified once the trial is fully completed, the pros and cons of every research and study allow participants to determine whether they are willing to risk their health. The results of an experiment such as this can be negative or positive but in the end, it all comes down, should I take a risk? Topics on which questions can arise from this study include where the body fat drops from visually? How much body fat drops? After the trial what is the procedure? Will participating in this trial affect my emotions such as causing me to be more motivated or even less motivated to help my body? My personal preference enables me to believe that this research paper was published in the right journal. As from the title of this journal, it is indicated that this journal focuses and discusses the science of exercise and fitness. The main focus of this study is the variations of exercises and their correlation to hormones and body fat. The connection between this journal and the article allows me to believe that the audience of this journal will truly care and learn from the research.

Problems and Admirations

I admire the use of different diagrams and pictures that allow for a more detailed understanding of how the trial took place and the details of the components that played a part in the trial. Such as the types of exercises each group did and the maximum heart rate of each group, and the duration of each exercise. I enjoyed the employment of a basic idea such as exercising and pairing it up with a common obstacle in many people’s lives. After this research, the lives of overweight people will be affected. New researches and studies will be conducted to further improve their lives and set them on the path for a healthy lifestyle. The future is bright, innovations from basic ideas will unfold and more people will be fit and healthy. More researchers will take common ideas of today and pair them with different obstacles people face every day. This is the today that leads us to our bright and innovative tomorrow.        

Ilma Khan, Youth Medical Journal 2021


“The Effects of Aerobic, Resistance, and Combined Exercises on the Plasma Irisin Levels, HOMA-IR, and Lipid Profiles in Women with Metabolic Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial – ScienceDirect.” ScienceDirect.Com | Science, Health and Medical Journals, Full Text Articles and Books., Accessed 17 Mar. 2021.


By Ilma Khan

Ilma Khan is a student from Texas. She is a tennis player who is looking to continue playing in college and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She is currently interested in the fields of medicine specifically neurology and cardiology and hopes to become a cardiothoracic surgeon in the future!

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