Cloudy Eyes

This poem focuses on blindness, most specifically on one perspective of mental depletion caused from this condition that has started on a later part of their life.

By Diana Manzanes

Published 7:49 PM EST, Mon April 12, 2021

My eyes, a bridge I cannot cross

Unlike before, tears fall down like a starting rain

A rain I cannot be free from

Oh I do hope I get better 

I blink to free me from this blurry rain that won’t stop falling

But only a cloud stays, getting bigger by the days

This burden bedevils me

Oh how the days go by

The lies only reinforce this dark bridge that this site has created

“It’ll get better,” they said

Broken silence follows as things get worse

Oh how feelings grow accustomed to such torment

More rain falls and a flooded river keeps falling

I can no longer see the people around me

For they are only shadows to this empty soul to let go

Oh how bothersome

I can still see the sun when it rains

But only it’s only a defeat for my reach

I no longer want this weather

Oh how the clouds won’t leave

My eyes are cloudy with non-stop rain

So many clouds that I cannot see

Only those around me can witness my burden now

Oh how these eyes can be

Diana Manzanes, Youth Medical Journal 2021


By Diana Manzanes

Diana Manzanes is a student in The Delta High School in Pasco, Washington. Her current interest is in the field of aerospace engineering.

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