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Influence of Green Tea Consumption on Cigarette Smoking

Green tea contains many antioxidants such as polyphenols that can reduce inflammation in the lungs and protect lung tissue from the harmful effects of smoking such as lung cancer.

By Ilma Khan

Published 9:04 EST, Tues October 12th, 2021


Whether you smoke because of addiction or to look cool in front of your friends, it plays a major role in the quality of your health. In this case study through the use of research and a voluntary experiment, the researchers were able to reveal that smoking-induced unfavourable changes in plasma and blood can be improved by green tea consumption in smokers. The chemical compounds of green tea by biochemical interchange allow protection by interacting with biomolecules at membrane and cell levels or by modifying the signalling routes. Smoking cigarettes causes many biochemical changes within plasma and blood which leads to sickness and diseases for which treatments are used. The cigarettes people smoke include 8% tar aka nicotine, and 92% gaseous components that enter the bloodstream. As a result plasma and the body are exposed to cigarette continents. The methods in this study give us a straight-up answer to our question and give us a backed up conclusion on how green tea can be beneficial to cigarette smokers.

General Analysis

This is a good paper to read because it emphasizes the negatives of smoking, the negative impacts it has on lives and the quality of health. The different chemicals and toxins that go into our body, and it allows us to help other smokers we know have a better quality of life. Another reason why this paper is a good read is because it widens our knowledge about smoking and inspires us to add more to this research. It displays the use of an everyday item – green tea and how this everyday item can help someone go one step closer to a healthier lifestyle. The central problem this case study deals with is important in our society today because smoking has become more frequent, more depression and stress can cause people to smoke. Young adults and many teens visualize smoking as a symbol for popularity leading them into addiction and the frequent inhalation of these toxins. Today, in this society we live in depression and it has become more common from trauma to personal issues. Depression starts with anything and many people use drugs and cigarettes as relievers. They may regret it and feel guilt afterwards, but at the moment they need the high or the rush, this article benefits these people by allowing them to use a common beverage as a treatment for longer and healthier life.

Evaluation of Methods Used

The researchers solved this problem using a very informative and detailed experiment, they laid out all the information and backed up their conclusion very thoroughly with different graphs and tables. THE number of volunteers they used was very high allowing us to have a definite answer but they only used one gender, males. There are female smokers out there but in this case study, only males were involved. The researchers/experimenters could have modified and varied the gendered volunteers used. Other than that there was a variety of groups the males were sectioned into such as controls, smokers, control volunteers consuming green tea with no habit of smoking and smokers consuming green tea were analyzed. The system of techniques used in this experiment resulted in a complete conclusion to the question. Green tea consumption does influence smoking-induced changes in plasma and blood, green tea has a beneficial effect on all of the changes in the plasma and blood.


Concerns or questions that can arise from this study include the impact of green tea on different gender smokers, green tea influences on different drugs, the use of green tea from India vs. other places and areas and the influence of green tea on e-cigarette smokers vs. normal cigarette smokers. The experiment was done in this case study focused heavily on normal cigarette smokers and green tea rather than the various types of cigarettes and smokers. The conclusions were laid out and allowed for easy comparison between the volunteers used and the effects of green tea on all of the different components of the body affected by the cigarettes. IN my personal opinion the article was published in the correct journal. This journal focuses on experiments and clinical nutrition. Smoking plays hand in hand with your nutrition, and this green tea influence was a complete experiment. The results and topics of this study relate completely to the journal, and for that, I think this case study was published in the correct journal for the audience that would acknowledge and learn from it. This journal is very broad and allows the publication of a varied amount of topics in studies.

Problems and Admirations

I admire the use of different techniques such as the use of a scientific perspective on green tea, the use of graphs and tables allowing for extensive comparison and the wide variety of volunteers used in the experiment. Although one specific gender was used while experimenting, there were different groups the males were specified into such as controls and complete smokers. I enjoyed the implementation of using a basic item, green tea has become more trendy lately. The benefits of green tea have been displayed recently and the number of benefits is extensive. After the publication of this case study, I think more researchers will find ways to help smokers and give them a better quality of life. In the future different things that affect the blood and plasma will be revealed as well as how common items such as green tea will influence different illnesses and drugs. The amount of benefits green tea has is astronomical, different researchers, studies and experiments will open our eyes and display how we can benefit us and others in our lives.

Ilma Khan Youth Medical Journal 2021


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By Ilma Khan

Ilma Khan is a student from Texas. She is a tennis player who is looking to continue playing in college and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She is currently interested in the fields of medicine specifically neurology and cardiology and hopes to become a cardiothoracic surgeon in the future!

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