The Real Gallants

A short creative poetry piece about the life of a doctor and show appreciation to those who work in the medical field.

By Praktisha Baliga

Published 10:10 EST, Wed Novemember 3rd, 2021

A poem depicting the life of the doctors who are the true fighters of our nation whose sacrifice and determination often goes unnoticed.

It takes a full life to realise what is True,

To earn the title Doctor is a pride for all but a dream of only a Few. Take it or leave it, it’s up to You.

Take it or leave it, it’s up to You.

It’s a lifelong journey which has to be fulfilled by You.

They acquire a lot of knowledge throughout their medical Career,

But when a patient with an unknown disease arrives it’s their biggest Barrier.

They work like soldiers at the borders to save lives at the risk of their own Demise,

Seeing the patient fully cured is their biggest Prize.

They relate every aspect of their life with their medical life,

Whenever they see a Crescent moonlight Night,

They are reminded of P falciparum gametocyte.

They possess virtues which can’t be measured by a Test.

They have special qualities which make them stand apart from the Rest.

They have the patience to calm a disturbed mind.

Being objective and also very Kind.

Applaud to the doctors who sincerely do Care.

They are like those precious stones who are found very Rare.

Let’s stand up and clap for our heroes Today,

Salute and wish them a very 

Happy Doctor’s Day

Pratiksha Baliga, Youth Medical Journal 2021


By Pratiksha Baliga

Pratiksha Baliga is a medical student residing in Mumbai,India. She's interested in the fields of Neurology, Radiology, Medicine. She aspires to be a Neurologist.

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