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This is an international student-run publication dedicated to sharing medical research and journalistic articles crafted by students. We are a team of over 40 students coming from 6 represented countries! We are currently based in the United States, with members from across the world, including Canada, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, India, and Nigeria.

If you are a student interested in STEM and working in the medical field, this is a great opportunity to promote your passion! If you are here to read about the fascinating breakthroughs in medicine, take a look around!

Our Mission: Facts First

At Youth Medical Journal, we pride ourselves in crafting our research with credible sources and data. That’s why our mission is to achieve the highest standards in the practice of medical journalism and promote high-quality research articles. We are a platform of high-school and undergraduate students with the goal to educate, inform, and understand the latest developments in medicine by promoting a deep exploration in various medical and scientific topics in a professional manner.

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