How do Covid-19 Tests Work? 

In the modern-day and age, we are going through a global pandemic which means that we have to keep ourselves safe. One way in which the government is keeping us safe through the supply of testing kits and free tests to the public. In this essay, I will be exploring how the use of chemical…

Racial Disparities in COVID-19 and Asthma Care in the US

In this article, we will be exploring both the COVID-19 pandemic and also asthma care in the United States. This article will dive deeper into understanding how both COVID-19 and asthma correlate with one another and how this pandemic has overall affected our population (specifically Black Americans living in the United States).

How has COVID-19 Changed our Attitudes Towards Medicine?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and has impacted not only many people but how medicine is now perceived. This article will focus on how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced our attitudes, behaviors, engagement, and our personal responsibility in our society and examine more in depth the long lasting effects due to…

The Exoticization of Epidemics

Scientists often study local customs, traditions, and practices before implementing an epidemic control centre in a respective country. This is when anthropology and science combine their forces to work towards a similar goal. However, this marriage of anthropology and science may prove to be detrimental for healthcare due to the subconscious presence of prejudices and…


This article describes the long term effects of COVID 19 survivors. It includes reference studies enlisting long COVID symptoms and the possible mental and physical effects after recovery.

Evaluating the Coronavirus Vaccine

As the initial stages of production and distribution of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines take place, two companies are dominating the market: Moderna and Pfizer. However, some Americans are are at odds with the rapid development and composition of this vaccine.

A Newly Discovered Coronavirus Variant

A new coronavirus strain was recently discovered in the new emerging cases in the United Kingdom. Currently, this new COVID strain has been surging throughout the U.K. and many governmental officials are taking actions against it to prevent it coming into their country.

Neurological Complications of COVID-19

This article will be reviewing the impact COVID-19 has on the functioning of the human nervous system and current up to date case studies regarding this topic. The information from this article was gathered using PubMed which is a search engine that gives access to the biomedical database, MEDLINE.

Tackling Herd Immunity and Political Claims on the Coronavirus

Coronavirus, a disease that has taken hold on over 38 million people, and has killed over 1 million worldwide, is the #1 concern of the world, which is why it is increasingly vital that we achieve herd immunity. Learn about what achieving this entails and how the current political situation is affecting our knowledge of…

The Process of Coronavirus Detection

This article will be examining and summarizing two forms of Coronavirus detection. This information was gathered and analyzed using the CDC’s official website and other trusted webpages. This information was analyzed in a way for the average person to understand.

Combination Ab/Ag Paper-Based Lateral Flow Assay for COVID-19

Through our test, we aim to significantly increase testing capacity globally so that people, are not deprived of the resources necessary to combat COVID-19. Our hypothesis states that with our combination of antibody-antigen tests, we can provide researchers, labs, and hospitals a ‘truer’ indication of the severity of the virus outbreak so that the strain…

The Impact of COVID-19 on the American Healthcare System

The prevalence and impact of COVID-19, or the novel Coronavirus, is unprecedented in modern history and unparalleled in the clinical and healthcare communities in the world. Across the country, the serious shortcomings associated with the realities of health insurance coverage, clinical and laboratory innovation, and patient care are made evident and are thereby intensified by…

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